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FÄ is a pendant light which emphasizes the natural character of fine Swedish vegetable-tanned leather.

In making the curved lampshade, a piece of 6 mm thick bovine leather is pressed over several days to create a three-dimensional and self-supporting structure. During the pressing process, the material is reshaped and displaced – it remains organic but becomes stable and rigid at the same time. Pressing the leather to the limit of what the material can endure also brings out its true history – exposing small hidden flaws and scars. Lacquer is then applied in multiple layers, which enhances and preserves this new character of the leather. The suede of the inside the lamp is in contrast left soft and unvarnished.

Materials: Natural leather, steel fittings.
Dimensions: 145 x 380 mm
Design: Karl-Johan Hjerling, Karin Wallenbeck, 2012

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